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Stuff about privacy…

Revised August 10th, 2013

My Privacy Policy

I personally make no effort to collect any information about you.

The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code I write for this Web site neither creates nor reads any cookies, tracking bugs, or any other mechanism that would let me determine who you are.


My ISP’s Privacy Policy

This site is hosted by Earthlink, and they offer information about this Web site. Therefore I conclude that they are in fact using mechanisms to determine some information about you on my behalf. Most likely this information is demographic, and involves from where (which country) and how (which browser) you access the site.

I rarely if ever look at it, and would be just as happy if they didn’t collect it. But they do and that means they are likely collecting some information about you.



If you found this site via a search engine such as Google or Bing, then as search engine providers, they are likely collecting metadata about your searches and your access of this site. It is just as likely that they are sharing this data with advertisers who want to sell you stuff you likely don’t want or need. That’s just the tax for using their services, and you might want to consider using DuckDuckGo

Unfortunately, someone in the government maybe tracking your access to this site. Their probable cause for tracking you is the mere fact that you are breathing. That’s just the reality of today’s world where it appears we are willing to surrender a lot of privacy rights for a false sense of security. After all, you’ve got nothing to hide, right?