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Last Updated: December 6th, 2012

Michael Cherry, analyst

I have worked in technology as a systems analyst, evangelist, network designer, and program manager. I work with a variety of operating systems, but with a primary focus on Windows. I currently work as an analyst for Directions on Microsoft, an independent source of planning information on Microsoft’s tecnologies, roadmaps, and licensing policies.

However, this is my personal Web site, and all posts on this site are based on my research, experience, professional insights, and therefore, represent only my personal opinion.

As Aristotle noted, “nature abhors a vacuum.” So do analysts. Therefore, I have to develop, hold, and express an opinion even if: 1) you don’t agree with it; and 2) you don’t think there are sufficient facts to support my assertion. Remember, it's just an opinion and its mine. You of course, are entitled to your different opinion.

When I am wrong, or there is new evidence that convinces me to change my opinion I usually let people know; but I may still choose to leave archived postings unchanged to show how my opinion has evolved over time.


Michael Cherry, student of the law

As the law has always interested me, in 2006 I enrolled as a law student at the Seattle University School of Law. I graduated in May, 2011 with a Juris Doctor degree. I am not licensed to practice law in the state of Washington or any other state, province, or country. I am not a lawyer. I do legal research and provide technology assistance to lawyers through a small company which specializes in legal research called Lexquiro. I also write articles about the intersection of the law and technology.

The first key disclaimer

Absolutely nothing posted on this site should be intrepreted as providing legal advice. In addition, one should neither act on, nor rely on, anything you read at this site.


Another, more complete disclaimer

As long as we’re doing disclaimers:

This Web site and the information contained herein is provided ‘as is’. I am providing no warranties or representations regarding this Web site. I disclaim all warranties and representations of any kind with regard to this Web site, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. I do not warrant the relevancy, materiality, or competence of the information and materials contained on this web site and expressly disclaim any responsibility for errors, ommissions, or for any other damages, that may occur by any one’s use or reliance on information I post at this site, or any links to other sites. This includes any expectation, reliance, special, incidental, or consequential damages.


Respecting others' intellectual property

In preparing this Web site I have tried to respect the intellectual property, including the trademarks and copyrights of others.

Where I cite information from other Web sites, I try to only use a reasonable fair use quote, and provide a citation and a pointer to the original work. The same is true of images that are part of any post. If I did not create the image myself, then I will link to the original place where I found the image, and try to provide a correct citation.

If I have incorrectly linked to your copyrighted information in error, please let me know and I will remove the link immediately.

The names of companies, products, and other entities mentioned in this site are either registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.


Respecting my intellectual property

If you link to this site, or quote the analysis from this site, please cite the link appropriately.


Malicious links

Although I have tested the links from this site to other sites on the Internet, you should not follow any links unless you have taken the appropriate security and safety measures, such as running current antivirus and spyware detection and removal software, and are not running as a local administrator or your computer.

Some links may be broken, or no longer point to the same location as they did when I tested them, therefore, I remind you when you click on a link you assume the risk for doing so.


Where are the Puli Brothers?

A good question. The Puli Brothers stopped paying the site hosting fee, so I took it over. They remain the site mascots and the logo of the site.


Where is the Vasculitis NW site?

For a variety of reasons, the local Vasculitis group no longer meets on a regular basis. For vasculitis information see The Vasculitis Foundation.